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Brown Eyed Girl by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Brown Eyed Girl :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 5 1 Voice Meme by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Voice Meme :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 0 About A Girl by 30-Seconds-From-Mars About A Girl :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 6 In Bloom by 30-Seconds-From-Mars In Bloom :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 2
75. Mirror
75. Mirror
My self-esteem is like a mirror. Only one word or action is needed to crack it, make it splinter and hit the ground as a thousand shards.  I have to drop to my knees and try to collect up all the pieces again, try and put them back together, like a jigsaw made of glass, whilst you just stand there smirking.  Sometimes you take the pieces and trample them, because just breaking the whole picture isn't enough. If you're feeling vindictive, you'll even stand on my grasping fingers as they try to gather the shards up.
It takes me a while to put it all back together, because no one bothers to help, and I'm not good at jigsaws anyway, but finally I manage it, or almost, because there is always one piece missing, one bit that's completely reduced to dust.  But it doesn't matter, really, it never matters.
Because you'll do it again.  And again and again and again, until there are no shards left and I'll be standing there, surrounded by nothing
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Google Meme by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Google Meme :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 7
I've never liked bats.  There's just something about them that gives me the creeps.  I think it's their long-standing association with gothic fiction; you know, finding them in haunted castles, the mythos that vampires can change into them in the blink of an eye, that sort of thing.  Or it could just be because they are disgusting flying rodents; I wouldn't be surprised if they were plague-carriers, just like rats.  Yuck.  They're flying high up above me, in the dark.  I can hear them, even if I can't see them.  They're giving me the shivers.  
I always swore that my dislike of bats would never, ever stop me from enjoying my favourite pastime.  When I was a child, there were a couple of old, unused railway tunnels near our house that my siblings and I would play in during the summer.  We all enjoyed that thrill you get when you're a kid exploring some place you've never ventured before -
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Space Ninja Pirates by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Space Ninja Pirates :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 1 8
22. Low
22. low
i am feeling low today
but you don't care do you?
you might've cared, once upon a time
but you've tired of me now
i've got nothing important to say
but maybe you never did
maybe i never did
why would i?  i'm nobody
so small and insignificant i'm almost invisible
forever getting walked over by the bigger people
no one cares for a single thing i say
i feel like i am talking to walls
though i bet a pile of bricks cares more
more than you ever would, ever will
you'll all forget about me one day
left by the wayside while you're
all so caught up in each other
i've lost count of how many friends
i have lost over the years
people tell me i need to make some more
but that's like trying to switch off the sun
it ain't ever going to happen
maybe i'm cursed
the world is changing
and i would like it to stop please
just go back to the way it was
but maybe it's just me who's different
before, everything was in glorious technicolour
now it's just a thousand shades of grey
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Fanfiction Writer's Meme by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Fanfiction Writer's Meme :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 3
A Week At Number 7
"Aria, the baby's crying again."
"Oh really? I was wondering what that sound was."
"I think he needs his nappy changed."
"… well?"
"Well what?"
"Aren't you going to go and do it?"
"No. I did it last time. And the time before that. And the time before that…"
"So it's your turn to do it. You've not done it yet."
"He's your son."
"He's your son as well, in case you've forgotten. He only exists because you forgot the condom."
"Like you're so innocent. You're the one that forgot about birth control."
"You're the one that - oh, never mind. There's no point in arguing. Just go and change him before the neighbours start complaining about the smell."
"You do it."
"No, you."
"Look, why don't we both do it? You change him and I hold your nose?"
"How about you change him and I hold your nose?"
"Right. There's only one way to settle this. I'll flip a coin."
"… heads or tails?"
"Damn, you were right."
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Walk A Thousand Miles by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Walk A Thousand Miles :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 1 5 Rawrface by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Rawrface :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 3 4
Danny's late home from the office.  Almost half an hour late.  Not that Aria's worrying, of course; it's just a bit odd, that's all.  Maybe he's stuck in traffic, she thinks.  After all, they do live in London, where travelling by foot is a lot faster than by car.  Or maybe he's just caught up in work.  Almost all of the people he works with seem to be totally computer-illiterate, and they frequently call on him to help them out.  He's probably still stuck there, patiently trying to teach someone how to turn their computer on.
The phone rings.  It's Danny, telling her that he's going to be late - as if she hadn't noticed that already - and could she please have dinner on the table by the time he gets back.  He hangs up before Aria has the chance to remind him that she's completely useless in the kitchen and that if she even tries making anything he'll end up returning to a burnt down apartment blo
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19. Addiction
spin the wheel
roll the dice
pull the lever
flip the cards
win or lose?

adrenaline, it's pumping in your veins
spreading like wildfire
glorious and intoxicating
you're flying without wings
until you crash back to reality
[you can't escape reality, so you shouldn't even bother trying]
you lost your job cause your feet
always led you to the casino instead of work
we're in danger of losing our home
cause we're behind on the rent
and you've got the nerve to blame me
[but it's your fault, all your fault, you selfish bastard]
you steal from your sister
and scrounge from your ex
i'll pay you back you always say
but those words are empty
emptier than your pockets
[you'll be killing me for my inheritance next.  you've already sold the car]
ludomania, your therapist calls it
harmless fun, you dismiss it as
but can't you see you're in denial?
you're up to your eyeballs in it
you'll drown if you're not careful
[even though you can't swi
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Milo Ventimiglia by 30-Seconds-From-Mars Milo Ventimiglia :icon30-seconds-from-mars:30-Seconds-From-Mars 0 1


Space texture by Atava Space texture :iconatava:Atava 46 6 Eye Candy by mprox Eye Candy :iconmprox:mprox 6,186 1,398 Emily Deschanel by kaytii Emily Deschanel :iconkaytii:kaytii 1,130 533 Nyan Cat Hat by KayPikeFashion Nyan Cat Hat :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 9,787 1,048 Glasses make the girl by lily-fox Glasses make the girl :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 14,104 1,034 Rory and Amy FOREVAH by arelia-dawn Rory and Amy FOREVAH :iconarelia-dawn:arelia-dawn 576 89 BEN cosplay by Pyroluminescence BEN cosplay :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 143 105 You're doing it wrong by moirgane You're doing it wrong :iconmoirgane:moirgane 6,246 525 Doctor Cat-Who fan art by BrokenTeapot Doctor Cat-Who fan art :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,957 282 Sk8ter Chick by thoughtless4ever Sk8ter Chick :iconthoughtless4ever:thoughtless4ever 493 86 Toast's Death 2 Wallpaper by milkbun Toast's Death 2 Wallpaper :iconmilkbun:milkbun 1,547 109 TARDIS Wallpaper by Nekoknight TARDIS Wallpaper :iconnekoknight:Nekoknight 43 13 Celty chibi by MisChibiOus Celty chibi :iconmischibious:MisChibiOus 1,012 142 DAMNIT JIM, I'M A DOCTOR-- by Oniwanbashu DAMNIT JIM, I'M A DOCTOR-- :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 780 208



United Kingdom
This ID is over a year old now. I should draw a new one...

Current Residence: A house, believe it or not.
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Alternative/Not-Country/Electronica/Pretty Much Everything
Favourite photographer: That guy who takes photos for porno magz. :D
Favourite style of art: The arty kind...?
Operating System: Caffeine and sugar usually.
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Fuse. it's an iPod wannabe. *nods*
Shell of choice: The petrol! *vroom*
Wallpaper of choice: Your bedroom carpet
Skin of choice: Yours. >D
Favourite cartoon character: Bender. 83
Personal Quote: "usdhgusgrtgfharfg."
So I'm gonna try and remember to come on here more often.

It's unlikely that my own artistic output will increase because I didn't have much of one in the first place. (though if I do post anything it'll be like some kind of edited photo/manip because I enjoy playing with photoshop. :D)

But I'll at least try to look at people's arts and comment/like. :D

And I should at least try and do a new ID because that one is so out of date it's not even funny.



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